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Pharmaceuticals and sharps are a significant public health and safety risk when improperly disposed of, which is why California passed SB 212 to require the producers of these products to fund and operate a take-back program statewide. Learn from the experts who have passed legislation on how any city, county, or state can achieve EPR for meds and sharps. Speakers include:

  1. Debra Shore, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
  2. Heidi Sanborn, NSAC
  3. Tim Goncharoff, Santa Cruz County Public Works
  4. Beverly Hanstrom, Colorado Medical Waste
  5. Dan Moran, Covanta


Date Recorded: December 11, 2019

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Cost: $125; FREE for NSAC partners

$75 for NAHMMA members

Pharmaceuticals & Sharps Webinar Recording

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