National Bottle Bill


A national container deposit return program would create a simple system for the public to recycle their containers at stores, return centers, and reverse vending machine locations. This system reduces litter, creates jobs, increases the availability of recycled materials, and reduces impacts on the environment with proven policy. Saving resources saves money and protects natural spaces.

  • 75% of Americans support a bottle bill deposit program where they live but only 24% of Americans live in a state with a bottle deposit program. This legislation will fill the gap and cut litter in half in our country

  • Fact sheet about why the US needs a national bottle bill and bottle deposit program

  • ​End Litter Now social media toolkit - coming soon!

  • Bottle bill language - coming soon!

  • Widespread support for the US bottle bill comes from the business community, the public, and government officials.


Passing a national bottle bill takes time and resources and legislators that care about this issue. Please help support candidates and existing legislators as part of our efforts to pass the bottle bill. To support to this effort, contribute to the End Litter Now Political Action Committee (PAC).


Contributions are not subject to limits. For more information about a PAC, please refer to our Q+A.


You can contribute three different ways:

  1. Donate online

  2. Check (instructions on this form including mailing address)

  3. ACH - complete form and email for instructions

Contributions are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Citizens of the U.S. and individuals admitted for permanent residence (greencard holders), businesses, unions, and PACs may all contribute. 



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