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“NSAC has quickly become the leading expert on catalyzing a circular economy through materials management policy in the United States. The change NSAC has driven in five years of operation is remarkable and I am proud to not only be a funder, but a founding Board Member.”

- Patty Garbarino

President & CEO

Marin Sanitary Service


“NSAC has been an integral partner for Aero Aggregates efforts to expand our recycled content product based business across the United States and site new facilities and secure feedstock, helping us navigate through different state’s regulatory processes and identifying sources of funding. Their connections and knowledge are unparalleled.”

- Archie Filshill, Ph.D. ENV SP

Chief Executive Officer

Aero Aggregates


“Bio Energy DevCo’s experience as an NSAC Platinum Plus Member has been a positive and rewarding partnership. The experience and insight offered by their team have allowed us to better navigate relevant initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels. We look forward to working together to overcome hurdles in expanding sustainable infrastructure, diverting organic waste from landfills, and reducing carbon in our atmosphere.”

- Andrew Alexander

Director of Business Development

Bio Energy DevCo


“While serving as Vice President of Interface, I worked very closely with Heidi Sanborn and her team to improve carpet recycling in the United States and successfully passed two bills in California sponsored by the National Stewardship Action Council. Heidi’s drive, knowledge, and connections are unrivaled. I am fortunate to continue our collaboration as Managing Director of Circonomey Innovations working with carpet recyclers to expand recycling nationwide.”

- Eric Nelson

Founder & Managing Director

Circonomey Innovations


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"I just watched your SWANA presentation and was captivated by what you've accomplished in your years in our industry.  I came away totally inspired and also overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems we've caused ourselves and our planet.  It's hard to not feel paralyzed.  But, I'm really happy to be connected to you and have already started looking up the numerous organizations you cited in your presentation.  Thank you for a very informative 45 minutes!" (WASTECON 2021)

- Lissa Bittermann

Business Development Manager



"Dynamite presentation!...You definitely sparked a lot of actionable ideas for us starting with spreading the resources around the rest of company's environmental groups, networks and channels and then continue to provide our earthforce group the tools and action ideas."

- Alex Aruj

Technical Program Manager




"Your lecture was excellent. I learn every time I hear you speak." (WASTECON 2021)

- Sara Bixby

Deputy Executive Director

Solid Waste Association of North America

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